Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sometimes, you may need to charge them while out and about. That’s why EV charging stations are becoming part of our nation’s infrastructure.

Where are these stations located? DriveItAway’s automotive experts can answer that question. We’ve put together this page to address some of the basics about public EV stations, including how to use one and where they are.

Finding a Charging Station for Your EV

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations near Philadelphia

Finding a charging station for your EV is pretty easy with DriveItAway. We have a map available that covers many of the charging stations across the USA. You can search by zip code, city, and even state.

Our charging station map also allows you to search by charger type and connectors, so you know your EV can charge when you arrive.

Are you planning a road trip? Our map can help you plot your route. You can sort the map by route corridors. Just select a charging station closest to your starting point and one as your endpoint to show the charging stations along the route.

Types of Charging Stations Publicly Available

There are generally two types of public charging stations available, Level 2 and DC Fast Charging Stations.

Level 2 Charging Stations are charging stations that typically take a few hours to charge your EV. These are usually found at malls, offices, and other locations where you may spend several hours.

DC Fast Charging Stations, also known as Level 1 Charging Stations, are the quickest charging stations available. On average, 30 minutes using a DC Charging Station will add 100 miles of range to your EV. These are great choices when on a road trip or just needing a quick top-up.

Many charging stations require some payment, although how much depends on the company that owns the station.

How to Use Public Charging Stations around Philadelphia

Public charging stations are easy to use and access. It’s three simple steps to get you charged and on your way.

EV Car

Step One: Open Your EV’s Charging Port

Select your charging station and pull up to it. You’ll then pop open your EV’s charging port.

Step Two: Plug In

Plug the charger into your EV’s charging port. Double-check to ensure that the charger works for your vehicle’s charging port.

Step Three: Charge and Relax

Pay for your charge session. This can usually be done at the station itself or on a charging station’s app.

When your payment goes through, the charging session will begin. As your EV charges, you can go shopping, grab some food, or relax in your vehicle.

Learn More About Electric Vehicles Today

As EVs rise in popularity will come, even more infrastructure will, too, in order to support them. If you’re interested in learning more about EVs or are ready to shop for your own around Philadelphia, PA, DriveItAway is here to help.

Our rent-to-own program makes EV ownership easier than ever. Download the DriveItAway app and explore our EV options today.

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