Leadership and Company Mission

Leadership and Company Mission

John F. Possumato is the founder, president and CEO of DriveItAway, Inc. (DIA), the first dealer focused shared mobility company, founded by and for automotive retailers. In 2017, Possumato was the first in the industry to recognize that emerging Mobility as a Service (MaaS) best belongs inside the infrastructure of the automotive retailer. He then set out to educate and equip dealers to quickly adapt to the new era of shared mobility. DriveItAway was created as the comprehensive turn-key service solution for dealers to profitably enter the Mobility as a Service business.DriveItAway satisfies both the temporary and permanent vehicle needs of Ride Share drivers – the “low hanging fruit” for dealers today.This new business model creates significant bottom line profits immediately without substantial investment, scales rapidly, and feeds the “traditional” sides of the car business, vehicle sales and fixed operations.

Possumato is the leading subject matter expert on dealer focused Mobility as a Service, and is asked to speak regularly at trade association meetings and 20 groups on how dealers can best enter and profit from the coming industry changes. Possumato has given keynote presentations and workshops on the emerging business of Shared Mobility, and how dealers can leverage this opportunity at the National Automobile Dealers Association Annual Convention, the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association Annual Convention, the National Association of Buy Here Pay Here Dealers Annual Convention, the Conference of Automotive Remarketing, the Fleet Forward Summit, Used Car Week, the TU-Automotive Conference Detroit, the International Car Rental Association Annual Conference, and in 2019 is already booked every month of the year to speak on the topic at various conferences and trade events. Possumato also is published regularly in many trade journals, including WardsAuto, Automotive Fleet Magazine, Auto Dealer Monthly, and Fixed Ops Journal.

The message Possumato has been preaching for years is now taking hold. Dealers can make money today in Shared Mobility, and prepare to leverage and dominate the “ACES” future (Autonomous, Connected, Electric, Shared). DriveItAway provides inexpensive, easy to use technology tools. Together we can move the new mobility industry back inside the dealership where it belongs. Please join us in this effort. Contact John directly at (856) 577-2763 or email at john@driveitaway.com.

Leadership and Company

In a way, John F. Possumato has been preparing for the job of introducing the new world MaaS into traditional car dealerships his whole career. Fresh out of business school and law school in the 1980’s, he entered the car business as a raw recruit, in a tiny franchise store in a small town in New Jersey. Within a few years, he ended up owning this small store, and turned it into a commercial fleet and small business sales powerhouse, ending up one of the top ten highest volume dealers for his franchise in the nation.

Possumato sold the store, and in the 1990’s worked with Ford, GM and Jaguar in establishing their dealer focused small commercial sales programs, creating the extensive “text books” for each program and facilitating the instruction hands-on working with dealers to increase sales. At the dawn of the “dot com” age, Possumato also integrated many new Web based sales programs, and ultimately, in 2010, established one of the first technology companies focused on providing mobile technology tools for dealer sales and service, introducing one of the first compliant cloud based texting platforms for vehicle sales and service departments, the first mobile wallet couponing platform, and the first beacon (blue tooth low energy) based marketing platforms for dealers

Anticipating that the new era of Shared Mobility, will, indeed, create unprecedented changes in the industry (as Mary Bara predicted, the car business will change more in the next 5 years than it has in the last 50), Possumato, with a unique firm grounding and extensive experience in technology and automotive retailing, feels the most prepared to help facilitate car dealers into new MaaS opportunities, and, indeed, feels privileged to be leading this effort.

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