Press Kit – Facts About DriveItAway

Name: DriveItAway Inc.
Founded: 2017
Headquarters: 14 Kings Highway W.
Haddonfield, NJ 08033

Why We Exist:
Witnessing a major need for automotive retailers to quickly ramp up their experience and business revenues in the rapidly emerging world of Shared Mobility, Driveitaway is the first car dealer focused company enabling automotive retailers to enter the business of Mobility as a Service (Car Sharing, Ride Sharing, Subscriptions), with a turn-key, full service solution.

Driveitaway is the key for automotive retailers to inexpensively and profitably get into the Mobility as a Service business directly, satisfying both the wholesale and retail needs for temporary transportation in Car Sharing, and the “low hanging fruit” of Car Sharing for (Lyft, Uber) Ride Sharing drivers.

The Current“Car Sharing for Ride Sharing” Opportunity for Car Dealers: It is estimated that over 50,000 new Ride Share drivers apply to drive each month, but up to 40% do not have access to a vehicle or an appropriate vehicle with which to drive. While many temporary vehicle rental options exist, it is our assertion that only car dealers can satisfy this need with a wining solution, providing a temporary vehicle with a “path to ownership” for the Ride Share driver. Bottom line, most new Ride Share drivers, having passed both a stringent DMV and background check, want to ultimately buy a vehicle and not be caught in the “indentured servitude” of paying for a temporary vehicle forever, and car dealers can best serve the need for acquiring a vehicle, with our unique “Lyft Your Down Payment” and “Drive For Your Down Payment” program incentives, that contribute toward our driver customers down payment, leading to more vehicle sale and fixed operations revenue.

Our Unique “One Stop Mobility Technology Platform for Car Dealers: DriveItAway is truly dealer focused Mobility as a Service, and each Driveitaway dealer can design their own Car Sharing program, focused on both wholesale (satisfying the needs of current Ride Sharing Lyft/Uber drivers) and retail (prospects and consumers who need temporary vehicles) in a fully automated process, with no up-front costs. In a turn-key, comprehensive, solutions driven program, Driveitaway provides the mobile software platform, insurance and training to get your dealership up and running in this emerging, rapidly expanding new area of the transportation business.

Entering into the Mobility as a Service business today, in a profitable, scalable way that also benefits the traditional side of the business (sales and fixed operations) gives industry leading dealerships the critical business experience and recognition in this rapidly expanding business sector, for immediate profit potential, and in preparation for a place in the future of the new Shared Mobility environment.

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Media Contact:
John F. Possumato
President & CEO
Call or Text – 856 577 2763

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