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We “Wrote the Book” (or at least a lot of articles and industry presentations) on Dealer Focused Mobility as a Service

Industry Association Videos –

March 2018 NADA Convention Workshop – Mobility as a Service: Threat or Greatest Opportunity

Published articles –
Are Car Dealers on Thin Ice or Lacing Up Speed Skates?
We face two contrasting viewpoints. Which is to be believed?
WardsAuto, January 2019

Lyft Some Risk
Leveraging Ride Sharing For Your Benefit
Buy Here Pay Here Dealer Magazine, October 2018

Vehicle Subscription Services, Car Sharing, by Another Name: Rentals
Here’s a primer on all those different mobility services
WardsAuto, July 2018

Q & A: Mastering Mobility as a Service
An Interview with John F. Possumato
Fixed, July 2018

Notice to Silicon Valley: Car Dealers Can Adapt Too
Why the smartest people in the room are wrong
WardsAuto, April 2018

Why Car Dealers Should Supply Vehicles to Uber and Lyft Drivers
How could Uber’s attempt to lease vehicles to its drivers lose an incredible $9.000 per vehicle and shut down, despite overwhelming captive demand?
WardsAuto, November 2017

How Mobility as a Service Will Change Fleet Management
Automotive Fleet Magazine, August 2017

Potential Dealer Sales Pitch: “That Car Will Make You A Bundle”
The idea of being able to convert a purchased vehicle into a cash-generating asset is an almost irresistible incentive to buy and upgrade
WardsAuto, August 2017

Dealers Best-Suited to Handle MobilityServices
Yes, new transportation providers have a head start, but dealers can provide the best of these services and at the lowest cost
WardsAuto, July 2017

Webinars –

December 2018 NADA Webinar – How to Profit Today While Preparing for the Future

August 2018 NIADA Webinar – Mobility as a Service: How You can Proit by Getting in the Game

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