Picture this: You find the perfect car, you take a test drive at the dealer, but then you find out you can’t make the down payment. You head home without the keys to your favorite car, accepting that this is the end of your shopping experience—or is it?

At DriveItAway, we believe every driver should be able to get behind the wheel of the car that works for them, regardless of their current financial circumstances. Our rent-to-own program for drivers around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, helps make this a reality. Read on to learn more!

Why Rent to Own?

Rent to Own near Philadelphia

Buying a car can be a huge decision. The latest and greatest vehicles out there bring drivers new technology, a comfortable cabin experience, and plenty of driver-assistive features to help you safely take on the road. We can help you experience it all, too, by making the buying experience much less intimidating.

At DriveItAway, our subscription-to-ownership program puts you in the driver’s seat of your dream car—no credit score or long-term commitment needed. Instead, you’ll qualify based on income. Then, during your rental period, you’ll have the chance to get to know your chosen vehicle and even build credit toward a future purchase.

Sounds great, right? As an added bonus, you can shop for your next car right from your phone with our DriveItAway app!

How Can I Rent to Own My Next Car?

Using the App

How does our program work? We make it simple with a few straightforward steps:

  • Download our free app to begin your subscription process.
  • Select your car from a wide inventory of models, including electric vehicles!
  • Create your subscription and qualify based on income rather than credit.
  • Drive your car with maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance all included.
  • Grow a down payment to help build toward a future purchase, if that’s what you want.
  • Purchase, keep driving, or return: The choice is yours!

Whether you’re commuting for work or enjoying the many landmarks and delicious food around Center City, you need a car to get you around Philadelphia. Our program allows you to drive a car now and make sure it’s the right choice for your everyday drives.

Drive Into the Future of Car Buying

With DriveItAway’s rent-to-own program, you’re experiencing the best benefits of renting and owning your car. Instead of an immediate long-term commitment and financial restrictions, we give many different drivers a chance to explore their options before making a purchase.

While you drive, you’re also building dollars toward a future purchase, if that’s what you want. In fact, over a 6-month rental period, most of our drivers build a 20 percent down payment. So, if by the end of your rental term you’ve fallen in love with your new road companion, you won’t have to say goodbye.

Ready to Rent to Own Your Car near Philadelphia PA?

Are you ready to take a step toward the future of car buying? At DriveItAway, we’re excited to help you get behind the wheel with our rent-to-own programs near Philadelphia, PA. To get started, download our app today!

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