3 Tips to Maximize Time in the Airport Queue

Three Tips to Maximize Time in the Airport Queue

Heading to the airport to cash in on some long distance rides? Sounds great, but unfortunately, you and 60 other people had the same idea this afternoon.


So, what’s the best way to maximize your earnings without blowing all your time and energy? Patience, young grasshopper. We got you. Follow these 3 quick tips on how to best maximize your time when waiting in the rideshare airport queue.


1.) Know Before You Go. When you open your Uber and Lyft driver apps, scan the map of your nearest airport and look for the icons that let you know the amount of available rideshare cars at the airport or an estimated wait time for a ride request. A great rule of thumb here is that for every 50 cars you can expect a 30-40 minute wait for a request. Think of it like calling the restaurant an hour before you want to eat to find out the wait times before you put your name in for a reservation.Three Tips to Maximize Time in the Airport Queue

Take a look at this screenshot (on the right) from the Lyft driver app for the current wait times at the Philadelphia Airport on a Monday afternoon @ 2:00 pm.

Uber, on the other hand, has a nifty “re-match feature,” which allows you to get paired with a passenger right away (without having to go to the waiting lot) once you complete a drop off at the airport. You can learn more about Uber’s Re-Match feature (in PHL) here.


2.) Maximize Your Time Before You Commit to Waiting. Another quick tip on how to best maximize your time when waiting in the rideshare airport queue is to be mindful of the airport drop-off. If you drop off a passenger at the airport, always check the wait times and how many cars are in the airport queue, before you leave, to see if it’s worth the wait. After all, time is money! 


3.) Queue Your Entrance. Ok, so you’ve decided to bite the bullet and join the airport queue, now what?  Start by using your time wisely by giving your car a break, clean out your car from your last passenger, use the restroom or even catch up on the latest blogs posts from yours truly.  Also, take advantage of the time by talking to other rideshare drivers about their best tips and tricks. Nothing beats a bit of camaraderie with veteran drivers in the airport queue. It’s a great opportunity to learn from more experienced road warriors, so start chatting it up!


We’d love to hear from you! What are some of your best tips for rideshare at the airport? Any listed here you’ll be trying?

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