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Top 5 Tips for New Rideshare Drivers

Top 5 Tips for Rideshare Drivers

It’s funny how the ridesharing phenomenon has suddenly made everyone entrepreneurial experts, like overnight.


It’s pretty obvious that not everyone has been #blessed with natural business savvy, knowledge on how to make this gig actually pay or has inside info on how the ridesharing industry works. (Oh, did we mention that we do?)


So today, we’re breaking it down for you and making sure you’re armed with the right knowledge to hit the road and slay it. The top 5 tips for new rideshare drivers, below, is a simple list of key ideas that can help make your rideshare experience easier and more profitable. In other words, these are the top 5 things, the nitty gritty basics, that every new rideshare driver should know before starting ride one.


And remember! Having bottled water, candy and or snacks readily available to your passengers WILL NOT guarantee you a higher rating. You’re welcome. We just saved you about $100 per month.



1.) Why Are you Driving? Know Your Why.

This question may seem silly, (It’s only a side hustle, right? Why so serious?) but it’s an important one to ask yourself before you take your first ride so that you can set the right goals and expectations and avoid being disappointed with the whole experience. Why? Because there will be times when you’ll want to chuck the whole thing.


Consider these ideas:


  • Are you driving because you finally want to get out of debt? Great. Set a goal, like actually write it down, and commit to saving $x per week from your rideshare drives to put towards paying off debt.


  • Are you driving because you eventually want to own your own vehicle? Even better. We’re actually experts in making this happen so be sure you connect with our friend Amanuel to map your progress.


  • Are you in a career transition right now and need a dependable income stream before you make your next move? Perfect. Use your new found free time to start doing some airport runs and maybe even network with your passengers a bit.  You never know if a friendly connection you made on an airport ride can pan out to something bigger.


The reasons WHY are endless. Just be sure you know ahead of time what makes the most sense for you. This way, you’ll end up feeling like you’ve actually accomplished something. 


2.) Sign Up for Both Uber and Lyft (if you’re not already)

This one is a no-brainer. The only way to truly maximize your time on the road is to switch on and off between both apps when one is slower than the other. 


Top 5 Tips for Rideshare Drivers3.) Make It a Priority to Drive During Surge Hours

Another one of the top 5 tips for new rideshare drivers has to do with the dreaded “dead time.” And we’re not talking about zombies! Driving during dead times (say between 11:00 am – 1:00 pm) M-F, is just dumb. If you do this, don’t expect to cash out for awhile. Instead, you’ll be just about breaking even and won’t be bringing home much of a profit. That’s no bueno!


Here are the best times to drive to ensure you’re making the most moolah while rideshare driving:


The Morning Commute:   Monday – Friday  7:00 am – 9:00 am

The Evening Commute:    Monday – Friday  5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

The Weekend Party Hours:    Friday | Saturday nights

The Errand Runner:    Saturday | Sunday all day


4.) Use an Automated Mileage App on your Phone

Believe it or not and until this ruling is overturned, you are an independent contractor as soon as you agree to Uber and Lyft’s terms of service to become a driver. You are not an employee of either company which means that Uber and Lyft are not withholding taxes from your pay.


So get nice and cozy with the idea that you’re going to have to do some extra book keeping, on the front end, to make sure you don’t get slammed next tax season. It also means that using an app like, MileIQ, will help ease this pain for you by automatically logging your mileage for easy record keeping. This app is a lifesaver for any rideshare driver that wants to accurately track mileage to claim for deductions. Note: there are a quite a few mileage apps out there on the market, I’ve just found that MileIQ was the simplest to use and was well worth the $30 per year cost. 


Top 5 Tips for New Rideshare Drivers

5.) You can be a Rideshare Driver, Even if You Don’t Own a Vehicle


Yep, you read that right. Many people think that they’re shut out from starting a rideshare gig simply because they don’t have access to a vehicle.


If you fall into this category, it’s probably crossed your mind that you should head over to a dealership to try and strike a deal on the new Dodge Challenger you’ve had your eye on. But hold up, there could be a laundry list of reasons why vehicle ownership or vehicle rental (as you understand it now) is out of reach for you.


Any of this sound familiar?

  • You’ve tried to get financing for a car before but you’ve had credit challenges in the past.
  • You don’t have enough cash for a down payment.
  • Your vehicle is too old and or doesn’t meet rideshare standards (hello, 2 door coupe!)
  • Your little cousin smashed your whip and the front bumper is too jacked up to use it for rideshare without possibly getting a one star rating. 
  • You have a vehicle (hello, 2 year lease!) but you don’t want to put more miles on it.


The list goes on and on…


If this last tip right here is speaking to you, like man, y’all are reading my thoughts!, then go to our contact page and submit a help request and we’ll be giddy AF to help you get on the road in as little as 24 hours. Or you can download our DriveItAway app (App Store) (Play Store) and see what’s available today. 


Or, if checking out vehicle options is not your jam right now, it’s all good. Just know that there are SO. MANY. OPTIONS that can get you on the road and earning money. My hope is that your one takeaway from this blog post is that it is possible to get a vehicle, within your budget and turn a profit doing rideshare.


6.) Now It’s Your Turn…


But wait, I thought there was only gonna be 5 tips? Well, yea. Sorta. These top 5 tips for new rideshare drivers only works if you actually go and take action on them. So, now it’s your turn. Go get that paper. Like right now. Do the dang thing. And if you need some help, tell us what you’re thinkin’.


We’d love to hear from you! What are some obstacles that are stopping you from getting started with rideshare?



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