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  • Like the car.
  • Pay for use.
  • Love the car.
  • Use your payments.
  • Buy the car.

Our Features

DriveItAway Highlights

Test Ownership

Choose the car you want to buy, but start in a rental contract--no obligation to keep it. Pay for your usage. Keep it or return at any time.

Build Down Payment While Driving

Your usage payments can be used as a down payment in an auto loan if you decide to keep the car.

Receive Loan Offers Along The Way

While driving, you can get offers from lenders to convert to an auto loan using what you’ve built in down payment.

Qualify Based on Income NOT Credit

DriveItAway has a credit-agnostic approach that will allow you to drive based on your income and budget. Credit does not matter at this point.

Full Warranty and Maintenance

High quality vehicles are listed in DriveItAway. All vehicles are fully covered while in the program. Maintenance is included.

Steps Flow

How It Works

Follow Steps below to rent

Find Your Dream Car

Browse dealer inventory near you and find your dream car. The qualification process is solely based on your income--no credit check required.

Build Your Program

Choose your initial and monthly fee. Paying more unfront will lower your monthly and vice versa. The program will build you a 20% down payment within 6 months as you drive.

Pay For Use As You Drive

Usage and insurance is prepaid and based on the miles you drive.

Usage Fees Build Your Down Payment

All usage fees can contribute to a down payment if and when you choose to buy the car.

Buy Your Car

Receive loan offers from lenders as you drive using what you’ve built in down payment while driving. Convert to ownership when it’s right for you!


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