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We help your customers create a simple subscription-to-ownership model where credit issues are non-issues. Any time a lead is rejected for a vehicle, consider DriveItAway if the customer meets the criteria.

Check with the DriveItAway team for the most up to date and current eligibility criteria.


It’s Simple to Start

DriveItAway is all about access. As a dealer, your only fixed cost to offering the program is the GPS module installed on the vehicle to interact with our app. Contact us to learn how we can make your entry into this sector as simple and as cost-effective as possible.

  • No startup fees
  • No volume obligations
  • No vehicle limitations
  • No insurance costs
  • No usage requirements
EV Vehicle

Move More EVs

We know that EVs can be a tough sell to the average driver. Many drivers don’t want to invest without determining suitability. With us, drivers have the option, not the obligation, to buy. But customers who try an EV are more likely to buy one—studies have proven it. 😉

With the DriveItAway subscription-to-ownership model, you can capture that early majority by

  • Spreading out the cost over time
  • Reducing the upfront dollar investment
  • Eliminating suitability anxiety

It’s the low-risk, high-reward way to move more EVs.


Franchise Dealers: Make the Most of Every Vehicle

Do you wish you could sell a car twice? DriveItAway makes the impossible possible. It’s easy!

  1. Sell the new car or EV to DriveItAway
  2. Encourage customers to use DriveItAway to subscribe-to-own
  3. Sell the car to the subscriber, or move it through your used car lot

Talk about increasing sales and market share! That’s what we call working smarter, not harder.

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