How It Works

DriveItAway allows you to start in rental where there is no commitment and a lower fee to begin. As you drive, you pay for usage. With each usage payment, you are building a potential down payment to be used to buy the car.

The Process

Browse the DriveItAway web or mobile app and find your dream car
Book your vehicle
Receive offers from lenders along the way to convert to an auto loan and commit to buying on YOUR TERMS
Build your program with your selected vehicle choosing your upfront and monthly payment structure
Prepay for usage and insurance where usage fees will build a potential down payment as you drive

What’s Included?

Use the car as much or as little as you like. Prepay for miles each week.

Insurance is bundled and billed separately. No need to get your own insurance


Roadside assistance

There’s More to Love in the Apps

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