Would You Marry Someone After Just One Date?

Then why do that with your car? Take your time to get to know your vehicle before you buy it—like a car courtship!

Up to 85% of your usage fees will go toward a down payment (most drivers build a 20% down payment in just 6 months). When you’re ready to, “put a ring on it,” choose an offer that’s been perfectly curated for you.

Download the app, and fall in love today!

Driver with their new car

I Have Questions

We have answers! Visit our FAQ page.

The New Rent-to-Own

You need more than one test drive to decide if a car is right for you. DriveItAway allows you to drive a car for a while and build a down payment as you go. If it’s right, buy the car with offers personalized to you.

Our app will walk you through the entire process.

Buy a Car with No Down Payment and Any Credit

Welcome to the new way to buy a car. Start with a rental and you’re ready to go. Drive the car for as long—or as little—as you like before deciding if you’ll buy. No down payment, no credit, and no commitment required upfront.

Steering Wheel

Build Dollars Toward a Future Purchase While You Drive

Up to 85% of every subscription payment adds to your future down payment. Buy if and when you’re ready.

Check Mark

Low Commitment, High Reward

End your rental at any time, with no penalty. Or buy your vehicle with the down payment you built. The choice is yours.

Insurance Shield

Insurance and Maintenance Included

Experience peace of mind, knowing you’re covered. Insurance and maintenance are part of the deal.


Qualify Based on Income, Not Credit

Keep your options open, even if your credit isn’t where you want it. We base eligibility on income instead.

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Everyone should be able to buy a car. DriveItAway levels the playing field by making it easy to buy a car with any credit and no down payment needed upfront. Begin your journey with the DriveItAway app and start driving today!

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