Long-time auto industry veteran and serial entrepreneur John F. Possumato noticed that while technology has improved the consumer car-buying experience, these benefits haven’t reached those with poor credit or with not enough money for a traditional down payment.

Even those with great credit cannot pick a vehicle on an app, have it delivered, and drive it for a while before making a long-term financial commitment.

DriveItAway offers everyone flexibility and options that reflect a transparent and fair vehicle transaction. Drive Now, Decide Later.

Automotive Dealers & Consumers: We Bring You Together

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The DriveItAway rent-to-own program enables people to select, drive, and eventually purchase the vehicle of their choice regardless of their credit score. Drivers can even build credit with use.

The DriveItAway program can be done through an app on your smartphone—turnkey and carefree. Each vehicle comes with maintenance, a warranty, and roadside assistance.

DriveItAway appeals to all new or used vehicle buyers who want the opportunity to drive a vehicle for a while before committing to a purchase.

Major Employers: Work With Us to Help Your Employees Get Around

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Academic studies have proven that a lack of personal transportation is one of the biggest impediments to entry-level employment in the United States. In most areas of the United States, public transit does not solve this problem.

The DriveItAway program works with major employers throughout the United States to help employees get to work. It enables employers to hire and incentivize new workers to join their company. Those employees and employers who are climate-conscious will love our EV options.

Learn more about how DriveItAway can work with employers today.

We Are the Solution to “EVs for Everyone”

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The EV revolution has arrived. However, electric vehicles cost 20% more than gas cars. With higher prices, there is hesitation among buyers over whether an EV is practical for their lifestyle.

Our DriveItAway program is the perfect platform to overcome those obstacles. The upfront cost is spread out over several months while the driver enjoys the EV and savings on fuel. They pay a subscription fee, most of which can be applied toward an eventual purchase if the driver wants.

DriveItAway enables all, credit score or cash immediately available, to experience the benefits of driving an EV without the upfront costs. EVs for Everyone is not just a slogan; DriveItAway makes it a reality.

Drive for Freedom

Helping Those in Need

Many new and used car buyers find the DriveItAway subscription to ownership program the best and only way to drive their vehicle of choice today. However, many folks need a helping hand.

DriveItAway is a proud supporter of the Drive For Freedom Foundation, a coalition of automotive retailers, vendors, and financial organizations, co-founded by John F. Possumato. Drive For Freedom is dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty resulting from lack of vehicle access with a subsidized subscription to ownership program.

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We’re Here to Help You Get Behind the Wheel

Are you ready to shop with DriveItAway or join us in the modern age of vehicle selling? Explore our website and download the app to learn how DriveItAway works. If you have questions, reach out to our automotive experts today!

We look forward to helping you get behind the wheel!

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