Is there anything more in-vogue in the automotive space than electric cars (or electric vehicles—EVs for short)? But why? DriveItAway is a major player in the EV space, helping to make electric cars more accessible to more people, so we’re well aware of the benefits of driving electric cars. In general, the top benefits are:

  • Producing zero tailpipe emissions with an electric car
  • Receiving potential tax benefits
  • Spending fewer dollars on fuel costs
  • Less maintenance and upkeep

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1. Produce zero tailpipe emissions with an electric car

For many of the EV-curious, the switch to an all-electric vehicle is about doing your part to go green for the longevity of the planet. If that’s your motivator, then you’ll love that electric cars produce zero tailpipe emissions. This can dramatically lower the amount of smog and pollution in the environment.

Lowering tailpipe emissions also contributes to cleaner air. Not only is that good for the planet, but it’s also beneficial to sensitive populations who struggle to thrive with poor air quality.

2. Receive potential tax benefits

If you’re like many car buyers, you want to get the most bang for your buck. A tax break can help. Did you know that many states have incentive programs for drivers of electric cars? Check the incentive programs on your state’s department of environmental protection website to learn about any potential rebates you can enjoy come tax season.

Additionally, you may also be eligible to receive a tax break from Uncle Sam himself as part of a federal tax credit for eligible electric cars.

EV Emission
Benefits of EV

3. Spend fewer dollars on fuel costs

Let’s face it: Gas prices are on the rise. Doesn’t it seem like gas prices are always on the rise? With an electric car, you can leave that problem in the past. In most instances, fueling an EV is much more cost effective than filling a gas tank. That means pocketing more of your paycheck instead of spending it at the pump during your commutes to the office. Use our Electric Drive Cost Calculator to discover your fuel savings!

4.  Perform less maintenance and upkeep

Did you know that electric cars don’t have an engine? Say goodbye to yearly oil changes! Instead, EVs run on motors and have on average 1,800 fewer moving parts than gas engine-powered vehicles. They don’t require spark plugs, engine oil filters, or any other engine parts that would require maintenance or upkeep.

EVs also include something called Regenerative Braking, which uses the electric motor to decelerate the vehicle instead of the brakes. This can help extend the lifespan of your brake pads.

Where Can I Buy an Electric Car near Me?

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