Have you been curious about the rise in electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads of Ann Arbor, Michigan? You can experience all that EVs have to offer with a rent-to-own EV program with DriveItAway.

Learn more about the benefits of EVs and the DriveItAway program below!

How DriveItAway Differs From Traditional EV Purchasing

How DriveItAway Differs From Traditional EV Purchasing

Purchasing a vehicle has unique challenges. There is a large upfront cost, a down payment, and a high-interest loan commonly required for a vehicle purchase. Those with subprime credit scores across the financial spectrum may not receive the best options with traditional vehicle purchasing.

DriveItAway does things a little differently. Our vehicle subscription service allows you to drive an EV without a down payment. We qualify based on your income rather than your credit score.

Pay ahead for the time you need and experience an EV while growing your down payment for an eventual purchase. It’s all on your schedule.

An All-Inclusive Way to Drive an EV

When you purchase a vehicle the traditional way, you often need to find auto insurance and garages that offer maintenance. These costs can make the purchase of a car more of an obstacle.

DriveItAway’s subscription-to-ownership program covers insurance and maintenance for the EV you drive. We’ll ensure that your EV is up to date on the maintenance it needs to perform at its best.

If something unexpected happens, roadside assistance is only a call away! Our team can handle all the details so you can confidently drive your EV.

How to Determine if an EV Is Right for You

Determine if an EV Is Right for You

Electric vehicles can fit into many different lifestyles. With the rise in public charging infrastructure across the country, even those without the ability to charge at home can drive EVs.

If you have a garage or parking space, charge your EV at home through a standard wall outlet or an installed level 2 charging station. We can even help you finance one.

DriveItAway has a variety of EVs available for our rent-to-own program. You can explore SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks, which have various powertrains and ranges. Explore your options and give an EV a shot. The best way to see if an EV is right for you is to drive one during your daily routine.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

EV Charging Port

Electric vehicles have unique benefits.

When you drive an EV, you are contributing to a greener environment. EVs produce fewer emissions than gas-powered or hybrid vehicles on the road. Since you use electricity to fuel up rather than gas, you also use fewer pollutants!

Electric vehicles are also quieter than other vehicles on the road. This reduces noise pollution around neighbors and throughout cities for a more peaceful environment. Inside your EV, you can focus on your music, while outside, your neighbors don’t even notice you driving by.

EVs, on average, cost less to fuel up than gas or hybrid vehicles, too. Our Electric Drive Cost Calculator can help you estimate the costs of charging your EV.

Build Your EV Program Today

Does the DriveItAway rent-to-own program sound like the way you’d like to drive an EV around Ann Arbor, MI? Download our app and check out the EVs currently available to get started!

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