Electric vehicles are a green way to drive around Ann Arbor, Michigan. While you’re out and about, you may need a public electric charging station.

DriveItAway has put together this page to help EV drivers find a charging station and select the best station. Take a peek below and learn about charging electric vehicles!

Types of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

When you visit a public charging station, you’ll have to decide how quickly you’d like your vehicle to charge. You can choose between two types of charging stations:

  • Level 2 Charging Station

Level 2 Charging Stations take several hours to charge an EV fully. That’s why you often find these stations located where drivers may spend several hours, including malls, offices, or big box stores.

  • Fast Charging Stations

DC Fast Charging Stations, which also can be known as Level One Charging Stations, are the ideal charging station for those who don’t plan on stopping long. These stations can give your EV 100 miles of range in only about 30 minutes!

Can You Charge an EV At Home?

If you have a garage or assigned parking space in a garage, you can likely charge your electric vehicle at home. All it takes is a standard outlet and a home connector kit. You can plug it in for the night and relax, knowing your EV will have juice when you leave for work.

Want a faster-charging speed for your home charging? You can purchase a 240-volt or level two wall-mounted charger for your garage or parking space. DriveItAway can even help you finance it!

An electrician can help you install the charger. Once it’s installed, you have the flexibility to charge it when your vehicle is at home. Some states and counties even offer lower electricity prices when you charge your EV during non-peak hours.

Where Can I Charge My EV Around Ann Arbor?

If you’re looking for an EV charging station around Ann Arbor, our DriveItAway EV charging station map can help. This map shows you all the charging stations available in the United States, including around Ann Arbor.

Since this map covers the entirety of the US, you can also use it to plan road trips from station to station or explore the stations available to you after you purchase an EV.

EV Charging Costs vs Gasoline Costs

Choosing an EV means no longer paying for gas to get around. Now that you know where to find charging stations, you might be wondering how the costs change when you switch to electric.

The Electric Drive Cost Calculator compares fuel costs and emissions when you switch to an electric vehicle. See how much you can save by turning to an EV!

Learn More About EVs near Ann Arbor Today

If you want to learn more about electric vehicles near Ann Arbor, MI, or how to start driving an EV for yourself, download the DriveItAway app today. Our automotive enthusiasts can help you get behind the wheel of an EV near Ann Arbor. We look forward to hearing from you!

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