Electric vehicles (EVs) have become increasingly popular across Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With the rise in popularity has come an increasing interest in trying out an EV.

DriveItAway allows drivers to drive an EV without the long-term commitment of a purchase.

A Practical Approach to Driving an EV

Driving an EV

Buying a vehicle is a commitment. If you want less commitment but the ability to drive an EV, then our rent-to-own program may be right for you.

When you use our program, there is no down payment, and you’ll qualify based on your income rather than your credit score. This lowers the barrier of entry for drivers across the financial spectrum who may not have ideal credit or the money for a down payment.

Drive an EV as long as you want, and if you’re interested in purchasing a vehicle, build your down payment along the way. When ready, you can purchase the EV you’ve been driving.

DriveItAway Includes Maintenance and Insurance

When driving a vehicle, you also have to consider maintenance and insurance costs. A car with good upkeep stays on the road longer and ultimately is safer than one without routine maintenance.

DriveItAway takes care of maintenance and insurance as part of our rent-to-own program. You can drive an EV with confidence knowing it’s being cared for. With insurance and maintenance included with the EV program, you can focus on hitting the road rather than filling out paperwork.

Why Drive an Electric Vehicle?

EVs are a great investment and help the push toward a greener future.

EV Car Battery

They emit no emissions
As our power grid grows greener, so will the energy you use to charge your EV.

You’ll no longer have to spend money on gas with an EV!
Driving an EV is cost effective because it typically costs less to charge than at the pump. EVs are also available for federal or state tax credits.

Pennsylvania is making a big push to increase EV infrastructure every day.
That includes new public charging stations and affordability for drivers who are trying out an EV for the first time.

Driving an EV is quieter than driving a gas-powered vehicle.
With no combustion engine, electric cars don’t produce as much noise. This leads to a more peaceful drive inside your vehicle and in the neighborhoods you drive through.

Select an EV From DriveItAway’s EV Inventory

EV Inventory

DriveItAway has a large selection of electric vehicles, from sedans to SUVs. If you’ve tried an EV before, our program gives you the opportunity to experience an entirely different model.

Even drivers new to electric vehicles can use our program to experience a few electric options. Choose an EV SUV with enough room for the whole family or an EV sedan for your commute to the office.

You can check out our EV inventory by downloading the DriveItAway app!

Drive an EV near Lancaster PA Today

If you’re interested in checking out the EVs currently available for Lancaster, PA, drivers, download the DriveItAway app. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have. We hope to see you behind the wheel soon!

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