Electric vehicles (EVs) are taking the road by storm—and you won’t want to miss out on this green way of driving! DriveItAway offers curious drivers like you a way to test the waters with our rent-to-own program. With a wide inventory of EVs and the flexibility to choose how you drive yours, we’re proud to help all kinds of drivers electrify their next adventure.

Read on to learn more about our electric vehicles near Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and how we can help you get in the driver’s seat today and build toward a purchase.

Get Behind the Wheel of an Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle near Cherry Hill NJ

It’s exciting to make the switch to an electric vehicle, but how will you know if it’s the right choice for you? At DriveItAway, we give you the chance to drive an EV without the long-term commitment. Our subscription-to-ownership program puts you in the driver’s seat—meaning you decide whether you continue renting your EV, purchase it, or return it.

You’ll experience a number of additional benefits when you drive an EV from us, including:

Try Before You Buy

Electric vehicles come with many positives, like no more gas station stops and zero-emission travels. This is a big change, though, and you deserve the opportunity to try it out before you commit. At any time, you’ll be able to cancel or purchase your EV depending on what you need.

A Massive EV Inventory

EV Inventory

When you download our app, you’ll find a wide inventory of electric vehicles available to you. Whether you want extra cargo space, a compact body style, or that one interior feature you can’t drive without, you’re sure to find a match. A large inventory also means you can try all different kinds of EVs!

Build Dollars Toward a Future Down Payment

While you’re driving your EV, your subscription with us helps you build dollars toward a future down payment. So, if you love your electric ride, you’ll be able to purchase it with ease.

Peace of Mind While on the Road

Our program includes insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance for your electric vehicle. You’ll be able to focus on enjoying the road ahead and leave all the other details to us.

Why Drive an EV Around Cherry Hill NJ?

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular choices for many drivers. As a result, more and more EV charging stations are being installed across the country. DriveItAway makes it easy to find a charging station near Cherry Hill with our charging stations map!

Along with convenient nearby charging, you’re helping reduce your carbon footprint and experiencing the smooth, technologically advanced performance of an all-electric motor. Add to that our program’s financial and choice flexibility, and what’s not to love?

Drive an Electric Vehicle near Cherry Hill NJ

At DriveItAway, we have an electric vehicle with your name on it. You can experience the benefits of driving an electric vehicle near Cherry Hill, NJ, with the help of our rent-to-own program.

Download the app to meet your electric match today!

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