Once upon a time, electric vehicles (EVs) were like the new kid in town, but not anymore. With every passing year, EVs are growing in popularity across the country and around the world. Are you interested in trying an electric vehicle near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? Download the DriveItAway app and start your motor (because engines are so last year)!

Philadelphia: Try an EV Before You Buy

EV Car Trial

Many Philadelphians like you are curious about electric vehicles, but may be hesitant to commit to a full-blown purchase for many reasons. Maybe you’re not sure it’ll fit your lifestyle. Maybe the idea of charging up instead of gassing up sounds a bit foreign. That’s fine!

At DriveItAway, we don’t like commitment. We think you should be able to drive a car when you want and return it or buy it when you want. So, we created the first subscription-to-ownership model that allows you to try before you buy.

Download the App to Try an EV

With our app, you can identify EVs available for subscription near you. Simply build your subscription, and drive for as long or as little as you like. Over time, a percentage of the monthly payments you make can build toward a down payment on the vehicle. If it’s a fit, buy it! If not, return it with no fees or penalties.

How Can I Buy an Electric Vehicle With No Credit?


While some drivers in Philly are curious but hesitant, many are ready to electrify their rides. So, what if you’re ready to go electric but you’re struggling to get approved for a loan because of your credit? We say that shouldn’t stand in your way. DriveItAway levels the playing field by qualifying our drivers based on income, not credit.

Additionally, we don’t lock you into a 5-year loan (with interest). Once you qualify, you build your subscription program. Pre-pay for the miles you drive, not the miles you don’t, and enjoy insurance and maintenance on us!

More Charging Stations Installed Across Pennsylvania Every Day

Charging Station

As part of an initiative to go green, PA is installing more and more charging stations across the state. Most places you drive are likely to have an EV charging station close by to help you give your vehicle a jolt of energy along the way. You can use our convenient map to find public charging stations and alternative fuel corridors designated by the Federal Highway Administration.

No More Paying for Gas

Gas prices can be volatile, and they’re only getting higher. Our Electric Drive Cost Calculator can help you estimate how much you can save by electrifying your ride.

Where Can I Buy an Electric Vehicle near Philadelphia?

The DriveItAway app is the go-to place to find electric vehicles near Philadelphia, PA. Our inventory is always growing, just as the EV market is growing. With our subscription-to-ownership model, you can try the cars of the future with no long-term commitment and build toward a down payment while you drive. Electric vehicles have never been more accessible. Download the app to find yours today!

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