Online Auto Retailer to Fight ‘Poverty of the Carless’

A 2014 Urban Institute study concluded that private-vehicle access is “indispensable for families seeking safety and economic security,” DriveItAway says in announcing its support for the Drive For Freedom Foundation.

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The fiction – and fact – of the “Carvana advantage”

The new stars of Wall Sreet in automotive retail, Carvana, Vroom and Shift, are gaining value and market share despite historic losses and only recent breakeven results. So what defendable market advantage do they have over traditional car dealers? Nothing more or less, than a new way of thinking about the customer.

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Finding a Place for Vehicle Subscriptions in Fleet

PodCast – John Possumato, Founder and CEO of DriveItAway, spoke to Automotive Fleet to discuss how vehicle subscriptions can be catered to the fleet market. He notes that these types of services have long been marketed toward the retail side, but that the fleet market could prove to be a better place for these services.

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