Vehicle ownership is a big part of the American dream. Getting around Ann Arbor, Michigan, is easiest with a vehicle. If you’ve wanted a car but don’t think traditional vehicle purchasing or leasing is the right option for you, turn to DriveItAway.

DriveItAway is a rent-to-own program that allows you to purchase a vehicle on your terms and on your timeline while still getting around in style. Learn more below!

How Are Rent-to-Own Auto Programs Different Than Traditional Vehicle Financing or Leasing?

When you traditionally purchase or lease a vehicle, a credit check and down payment is typically required. This can cause barriers to driving a car for drivers whose credit isn’t ideal or who don’t have the ability to pay a large sum at one time.

Rent-to-own programs work a little differently. As you drive, you build money towards a purchase. You’ll make payments to the rent-to-own business, as opposed to a local or national lender, when financing a car. The goal is to own your vehicle at the end of the rental program.

How Does DriveItAway’s Rent-to-Own Program Work?

Select Your Ride

DriveItAway’s rent-to-own program can all be completed through our easy-to-use app and can be personalized to meet your needs. All you need is a smartphone or tablet to get started. From there, it’s just a few steps:

  • Select Your Ride
  • Create Your Program
  • Drive
  • Grow Your Down Payment
  • Decide What’s Next

Once you download our app, check out the vehicles currently available in your area. We have models that work with various lifestyles, including SUVs for families and EVs for those who want to go green.

Next, you’ll build your rent-to-own program. You qualify based on your income instead of your credit score!

Now it’s time to hit the road. Pay in advance for your drives and enjoy the ride.

A portion of your payments will go toward a future down payment. If you decide to purchase your vehicle, you’ll be good to go!

The path ahead is up to you. You can choose to purchase your vehicle once you’ve grown your down payment, continue your rent-to-own program, or return your ride. To help you decide, you’ll receive financing offers as you drive.

An All-Inclusive Drive

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Our rent-to-own program is designed to be low-commitment and easy to use. That’s why we offer maintenance and insurance included with your vehicle. Just select those options when creating your rent-to-own program. Our automotive experts are available to review our insurance and maintenance options if you have any questions.

Through our app, you’ll be sent reminders when routine maintenance should happen. Our team will also help you locate a service center and schedule it, taking some of the work off your shoulders.

Create Your Rent to Own Program With DriveItAway

Now that you know the basics of rent-to-own vehicle programs, are you ready to create a program that works for your drives around Ann Arbor, MI? The experts at DriveItAway can help you put together your vehicle subscription program. Use your smartphone to download our app and get started today!

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