Are you looking to get the keys to a new car, but feel overwhelmed by the financing process? A low credit score or high down payment shouldn’t be the reason you can’t get the car you love, which is why DriveItAway is here to change the game.

Our subscription-to-ownership program can help you drive around Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in the perfect car for you. Read on to learn how you can rent-to-own yours!

How Can I Rent to Own near Lancaster PA?

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You lead a busy life around Lancaster, PA. Whether you’re commuting to the city or traveling to the Amish farm country, you need a capable set of wheels to get you there. At DriveItAway, we can help you get out on the road with your favorite vehicle—no down payment or credit score needed.

Interested in starting the process? We make the steps straightforward and simple:

Download Our App to Find Your Car

That’s right—you can find your dream car right from your phone! To get started, you can download our DriveItAway app, where you can view our entire inventory. From new and used cars, trucks, SUVs, and even electric vehicles, you’ll have a wide range of models to choose from.

Create Your Subscription

Using the App

After you choose your next car, you can choose your subscription plan. Instead of looking at a credit score, you’ll qualify based on income. You’ll also be able to choose the initial fee, making it much easier to get behind the wheel.

Then, just tell us a bit about yourself, and we’ll put the finishing touches on your subscription!

Hit the Road!

Next up? The open road! You and your vehicle can hit the Lancaster roads and start your next adventure. While you’re getting to know your new ride, each rental payment you make reduces the future buyout price of the vehicle. So, if you eventually want to buy the car you’re driving, you’ll have a reduced purchase price waiting for you!

You’ll have added peace of mind, too, knowing that you have insurance and maintenance with your subscription to keep your vehicle protected and running at its best.

Choose Your Next Path

During your rental program, you’ll have the time to learn everything about your car and see if it fits your lifestyle. If you’ve fallen in love with your vehicle by the time the program ends, you don’t have to say goodbye. You can purchase your car at a reduced selling price—but only if you love it!

Maybe you need some more time to decide, or you’ve found out you and your vehicle aren’t the best match. You can also choose to return your vehicle or continue to drive it for longer. At DriveItAway, we want you to feel fully confident in your vehicle, which is why we leave the decision up to you.

Subscribe to Own a Car near Lancaster PA

Ready to find the right car for you? DriveItAway’s rent-to-own program near Lancaster, PA, can help you meet your match and build towards an eventual purchase.

To get started, you can download the app today. 

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