Have you hit a wall in the car-buying process? Your current credit score or a high down payment shouldn’t prevent you from getting the car you need. That’s why DriveItAway is excited to share a new way of buying a car.

With our subscription-to-ownership program, we can help you drive the car you want today, so you can buy it later (but only if you want!). Learn how you can rent to own near Cherry Hill, New Jersey, below!

How Does the Rent-to-Own Process Work?

Buying a car is a commitment—both to your finances and your lifestyle—but you still need one to keep up with your busy life. At DriveItAway, we offer the combined benefits of buying and renting a car with our low-commitment subscription plan.

When you choose to rent to own, you have the time to get to know your vehicle and guarantee it’s the right choice for you. Plus, while you’re driving, you’re building toward a down payment for a future purchase.

How exactly does this process work? There are a few steps you’ll take to get you on the road:

Download the App to Select Your Car

First, you’ll want to download our DriveItAway app. You can search through our entire inventory right from your phone. That’s right—you can pick your next ride right from the comfort of home! Search through our variety of cars, SUVs, trucks, and even electric vehicles to find your dream car.

Create Your Subscription Plan

Subscription Plan

After choosing your next road companion, it’ll be time to pick your subscription plan. This will determine your eligibility and what your rental will look like. Is your credit not where you’d like it to be? That’s okay! With our subscription program, you’ll qualify based on income, rather than credit, so you can still get behind the wheel.

Start Your Next Adventure

With your chosen set of wheels and subscription plan by your side, it’ll be time to hit the road! Your rental can take you wherever you need to go around Cherry Hill, NJ, during your time together. Maintenance and insurance are included, too, so you’ll have the support and peace of mind you need.

In addition, your time spent on the road helps you put dollars toward a future purchase. Over a 6-month rental period, most of our drivers are able to build a decent down payment! So, if you choose to purchase that car, you’re already on your way to making that a reality.

What’s Next?

When your rental period ends, you’ll choose what’s next. There are a few options you’ll have to consider:

  • Drive it for a longer period of time.
  • Return it to us and choose a different path.
  • Purchase it and hit the road as a car owner.

Wherever the next road takes you, the choice is yours!

Begin Your Rent-to-Own Subscription Today

At DriveItAway, we want our drivers to feel completely confident in their vehicle purchases—and our rent-to-own program near Cherry Hill, NJ, makes that possible. Ready to get started? Download our app today!

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