When shopping for a vehicle with less-than-ideal credit, you may find yourself looking at subprime credit car loans. These loans may not be the best choice for every driver around Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for a variety of reasons.

DriveItAway is an alternative option to traditional vehicle purchasing with a rent-to-ownership vehicle program that you can move through at your own pace.

The Basics of Subprime Credit Auto Loans


If your credit score isn’t where you’d like to be, you may be given the option of a subprime credit auto loan. These loans are for drivers with credit scores generally lower than 620.

Subprime auto loans differ from traditional auto loans in a couple of ways:

  • Higher interest
  • Potential longer loan length

Since lenders consider those with lower credit scores a greater risk, they use longer interest to attempt to mitigate some of that risk. You may also have the option of longer loan terms, although there can be a prepayment fee if you attempt to pay off your loan early. Overall, you may pay a little more with a subprime loan than with another auto loan.

DriveItAway Offers a Different Route to Vehicle Ownership

If paying a down payment and taking out a subprime auto loan doesn’t feel like the right path for you, you have other options. DriveItAway is a rent-to-ownership subscription program that qualifies drivers based on income rather than credit score. The money you make determines if you get behind the wheel, instead of a number that may not properly reflect your finances.

DriveItAway is unique in a couple of ways:

  • Pay as you drive
  • Build your down payment as you go
  • No long-term commitment

With our program, you pay in advance for the time you drive. Some of that payment will go towards a down payment if you decide to purchase a vehicle. That gives you the opportunity to slowly grow a payment rather than summoning it up all at once.

If you like renting, you don’t have to stop! Continue the program as long as you like. Your level of commitment is up to you.

Create the Subscription Program That Works for You

EV Car Trial

As we mentioned, our program is all about flexibility. You can choose the vehicle that fits into your life or even one you’ve always wanted to try. EVs are growing in popularity, and DriveItAway allows interested drivers to try one out for themselves.

While you’re on the road, drive with peace of mind knowing that your vehicle’s maintenance and insurance are taken care of through your program, too. Our Roadside Assistance team is only a call away if something unexpected happens.

Begin Your DriveItAway Program Today

With flexibility and a break from traditional vehicle financing, DriveItAway is a great option for drivers around Lancaster, PA, who want a different way to get behind the wheel.

The entire DriveItAway program is done in an app that you can download onto your smartphone. Once you’ve done so, explore our inventory and craft a subscription program that works for you.

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