Incredibly easy process from start to finish.  My representative Amanuel answered all of my questions and concerns promptly.  And that certainly didn’t stop once I made my deposit and rented a vehicle.  I was able to get transportation to the dealership from DriveItAway.  Even to this day my account rep Amanuel will check in periodically to see how I’m doing with the car.

Switching cars is easy as well as transportation from one dealer to another.  DriveItAway takes care of their renters even at 9:00 at night on the side of the road.

To those that call them scammers I say this:

Do you honestly expect to rent a car and fall behind on payments and they let you keep the car. Get it together, if you can’t afford to pay for a car, you shouldn’t be driving rideshare.

If you have a problem, reach out to them and get it fixed. I never had an issue with reaching someone even on a weekend.  If you ignore a problem it’s not going to go away.

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