Where do I even begin? I had purchased a fairly new car in 2019. Had less than 10k miles on it and it was a 2019 vehicle. In late 2020, only about a year and a half old and around 25k miles, the transmission was gone. The dealership said I had to get a brand new transmission installed. After that was done, in late November 2021 at 48k miles guess what? The transmission went out – again! Had to get yet ANOTHER transmission. Fast forward to June 2022, engine failure! I was DONE! The dealership offered to buy back the car or have me trade it in. I sold it in July and thankfully enough I was given enough to pay off the loan and had a little pocket change after the fact. But the bigger issue is that I was now carless! I began my car search immediately and just googled things like “cheap pre owned car”, “lease to own car”, “leasing a vehicle” etc and I saw something called a car subscription service. Whaaaat??? I began to click some links and Drive it Away popped up. It said that I could lease/rent to own a car and after a year or so, I could buy the car if I wanted to. It also said that part of my rental payments would go towards the down payment of the car. I’m like nawwww, no way! Sounds too good to be true. It was NOT! I checked the website and downloaded the app. I was really excited! I reached out to the company but guess what, the service was NOT available in my area. Crushed. Sad. Frustrated. But all hope was not lost because Sami from the dealership called me and asked me a few questions – what I was interested in, the timeframe, a few financial questions and then he asked “if I could talk to my team to see about doing business in Virginia, would you allow me time to do that?” I said “sure let’s do it!” It took about a month to work out all the logistics but I was kept informed every step of the way. One of their specialties is Electric Vehicles and he even got me into the EV I now love and adore – an electric blue 2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV premier! With very low miles might I add! The car was in pristine condition and came with all the bells and whistles!! I make weekly payments through the app (oh, the payments even include the insurance for the vehicle, how convenient is that!?) and I’m done! That simple! There was no impact to my credit score, the down payment was very affordable AND I can track my progress to ownership – all within the easy to use mobile app! Drive it Away really works!!! If you’re looking to save money overall, save gas money, and save the planet by getting an affordable, newer model electric vehicle?!? Drive it Away is the only way to go! Reach out to them today and tell them that Tiffany and Evie (the name of my EV, get it?) from Virginia sent ya! 🚗 🔌 ⚡️

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