Throughout America, driving is the primary way people get around. Vehicle ownership is often considered part of the American dream. If you’re interested in getting behind the wheel around Haddonfield, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Charlottesville, Virginia, or Detroit, Michigan, but don’t have an ideal credit score, a conventional auto loan may not be right for you at this time.

DriveItAway offers an alternative to vehicle purchasing with our subscription service that qualifies based on income rather than credit. Drive a car without the commitment of buying it right away.

How Does Your Credit Score Affect What Car Loan You May Get?

Credit Score

A lot of information goes into a finance application and a lender’s decision to extend a loan for a vehicle. One important factor is your credit score.

Many lenders use credit scores to determine how much risk they are taking on when extending a loan. The higher your credit score, the less risk you’re seen as, and the lower interest rate you’ll receive on an auto loan. More interest means more money, creating an additional barrier to vehicle purchasing.

Traditional Vehicle Financing Is So Old-School

Vehicle Financing

Traditional vehicle financing can keep people from pursuing vehicle ownership. DriveItAway has a modern way of approaching vehicle ownership and purchasing—our subscribe-to-own program, a new way to rent-to-own. With our program, you qualify with your income rather than your credit score! There’s also no down payment.

You get behind the wheel thanks to your income and build up your down payment and potentially build your credit score as you drive. While you’re driving a vehicle with DriveItAway, you’ll receive financing offers. You can choose to accept one when you’re ready and use the down payment you’ve been building to switch lanes into car ownership!

DriveItAway has a variety of vehicles to choose from, including electric models, so you can go green on the road with dramatic savings in fuel costs.

Learn More About DriveItAway

Do you want to explore all that DriveItAway has to offer? Download our app and get started! We have vehicles available across Haddonfield, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Charlottesville, VA, and Detroit, MI. Our automotive experts can answer your questions about our subscription program and help you do it all through the app.

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