Are you so done with traditional financing models that require a 6-year commitment and a hard credit check? So are we! DriveItAway offers an alternative rent-to-own option. This subscription-to-ownership model is the no-commitment, high-reward way to drive a car around NJ; Philadelphia, PA; MI, Charlottesville, VA, and anywhere else the open road takes you.

Download the DriveItAway app today to explore the vehicles you can rent-to-own near you!

Why Rent to Own?

Let’s face it, traditional car financing models have too many barriers to entry, and long-term rental programs don’t provide any equity in the vehicle you’re paying for. With our rent-to-own model, you can take the wheel with just a couple taps on the app, create your monthly subscription, and build toward a down payment.

Rent to Own

Our Drivers Qualify Based on Income, Not Credit

If you’re actively working to build or rebuild your credit, a hard credit check and high interest rate won’t help. Simply meet our basic income qualifications and you’re good to go! Contact us or visit our FAQ page to learn more about building your monthly or weekly subscription.

Build a Down Payment While You Drive

With DriveItAway, up to 85 percent of every payment you make toward your subscription can build dollars toward a future down payment on the vehicle. If you don’t want to buy the car, that’s fine! Either return it when you’re done or keep driving for as long as you want. That’s why we say: Drive it. Want it. Buy it…but only if you love it.

How to Build a DriveItAway Subscription

Using the App

The intuitive DriveItAway app puts you in control of your rent-to-own experience. Simply:

  • Download the app
  • Select your car
  • Create your subscription
  • Drive your car
  • Grow your down payment
  • Purchase, keep driving, or return

It all starts by downloading the app to explore the vehicles available for subscription near you. Our inventory is constantly growing and even includes the electric vehicles you’ve always wanted to try. if you don’t see the vehicle you like, let us know, and we will do our best to find it for you.

Then simply follow the prompts on our app to build your subscription.

Rent to Own a Car near You

If you’re near New Jersey, Michigan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Charlottesville, Virginia, and many other ever-expanding locations across the country, then DriveItAway can be your answer to driving and (maybe) buying a car you love (but only if you want to). Download the app to get started today!

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